Carl Hodsdon: January Update

Dear Praying Friends and Family:


Happy New Year 2013!  Thank you for praying for our ministry in Peru and for our family!  Here is our year in review:

January 2012:  Carl went to Venezuela for a month to set up a place to live and start the process on our visas.

February/March:  Renewing our visas in Venezuela was an impossible endeavor and finding housing with all the new laws was close to impossible.  The door was closing for us to remain in Venezuela.

April:  After much prayer and talking to other missionaries, God led us to the country of Peru.

May:  We visited many ministries in Lima and after much prayer, God led us to help in Lurin.

June:  We moved to La Molina within blocks of the girls’ M.K. school.

July:  Nikki’s nephew came for the month to visit us after his high school graduation.

August – November:  Started prayer meetings on Wednesday nights and had evangelistic services in Lurin.  God blessed.

December:  After months of searching for a national pastor, God gave us a Peruvian co-worker.  He is married and has three children.  They will join us in a few weeks.

January 2013:  Pray as we make menus for our meals each week with ‘leftovers’ to save money.  We would like to pay our national pastors’ salary until the church is large enough to support him.  Although it is difficult moving closer to the ministry by reducing our food budget and our need for taxis and busses, we feel we probably can manage.

Please pray that God will open the door for a good, affordable school for the girls, as well as an affordable house to rent.  We are looking to move closer to the work in Lurin in the next six weeks.  Our girls are social bugs and thrive on being around other kids; as we have found in the past, homeschool is just not a viable option unless, financially, we just cannot afford sending them to the Christian school.  Please pray!

Please join with us in prayer for supporters.  Many in the states are hurting, but with God, who has provided for us beyond measure, will do so in the future.  We are working hard to make the best of each penny we receive, and trust Him to give us what we need to do His work!

Peru:  Peru requires that all missionaries be a part of an organization that guarantees their financial viability.  They do not want foreigners being a financial burden on their country.  We are currently part of an organization of Baptist Missionaries.  This organization only serves to help with our visas.  In the past, the government has had no regulation concerning a number of missionaries it has to have in order to certify missionaries.   There is a bill in front of the President that would require our organization to have a minimum of 10,000 members.  Unfortunately, there are not 10,000 evangelical missionaries in Peru.  This is an effort by the Catholic Church to get all protestant missionaries banned.  If the bill is passed, we would have to consider creative ways of staying in Peru.  The president will decide whether or not to sign the bill by the 18th.  Please pray for his decision.


God bless you,
Carl, Nikki, Ashilynn, Catelynn, and Josiah Hodsdon

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