Carl Hodsdon: February Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends and Family,


Prayers and blessings from the Hodsdon family!  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our family!

Housing:  A few weeks ago, we met the principal and pastor of the Christian school where we would like to send our girls to once we move closer to Lurin.  It is in a community about 15 minutes from our work called Jose Galvez.  Please continue to pray.  The school starts March 4 and we do not have any leads on a house as of yet.  Our family visited several areas near the school for possible houses, but no one has been available to show them.  If we are not going to move, we need to put the girls back in their previous school near our apartment, but with our newest pastoral commitments, we are going to be very tight financially.  We have had a few with promising interest in new support, but it is all in His timing!  Pray God will supply.  He is faithful and knows just what we need, when we need it.

Taxi:  Our regular taxi driver has cancelled his services for our trips to Lurin on Sunday mornings.  This has also put us in a bind as each week we find a new taxi and the price is usually $10-15 more each week than what we were paying our regular driver.  That’s $40-$60 more a month in transportation.  If we are able to move, our taxi budget will be significantly reduced, but if we have to stay in our apartment, it could be very difficult for us to go more than the one time a week.  I continue to go by bus and joint taxi to Lurin and back, and it is only $12 roundtrip, but it is such a long process (3 hours).  Please pray for safety as well.

Peruvian Laws:  Recently, the Peruvian president signed a law constructed by the Catholic Church to increase the number of members allowed in organizations that back missionaries to apply for visas and ID cards.  He also signed an amendment to this law which lowered the number of missionaries (the minimum number requirement) needed to validate the organizations.  Right now, we do not know what the numbers of members are, but we do know that after the law is processed and on the books, we must renew our visas and ID cards.  Pray that God will supply this need and go before us as we start the process once again.

Lurin ministry:  With the help of the BMM missionary and several other pastors in the area, the church in Lurin has called a new pastor and his family (they have 3 children).  He is a Peruvian missionary church planter and has been called to be pastor in Lurin, and starts February 24th.  Pray for the pastor and his family as they begin to help serve in Lurin, find housing near the church, and for the church to grow so they can faithfully support their pastor on their own.  A few weeks ago, we saw about 100 in attendance.  This is, by far, the most we have had yet.  God is faithful!  Pray that His work can grow in Lurin, and that we will be good examples to him and his family.

Family:  We appreciate all your prayers for our family.  Our health has been much better.  Praise God!  Recently, Nikki started experiencing horrible back pain, and has gone to a chiropractor for treatments.  Unfortunately, she has the beginning stages of scoliosis (curvature of the spine).  With treatment, the doctor said she should be able to function normally.  We are thankful it was caught quickly!

Banking:  For a while, the ATM’s did not recognize our cards, but they are all working now!  It was explained that from time to time, the bank will block cards that look suspicious.  If no one reports a problem, then they will allow their bank to recognize them again.  This is what happened to us.  Praise the Lord that we are able to use our cards again!


God bless you,
Carl, Nikki, Ashilynn, Catelynn, and Josiah Hodsdon

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