Samuel Appiah: February-March Update

Dear Friends,


I bring you greetings from Manchester, CT, which has been my home since arriving here in the United States.  Words can never express the many blessings the Lord has given to me through my stay here with Pastor & Mrs. John Volante; parents of my brother and Pastor, Steve Volante.  My stay here with their son-in-law, Pastor Seth Johnson (Faith Baptist Church) and his family has also made me feel really at home.  I am very grateful to God for Christian families like them.  Please, join me to say a word of prayer to God on their behalf!!!

The many trips I have had while here in the States have all been made possible because of God’s choice servant, Pastor John Volante and his dear wife.  I am very much thankful to God for them; their love for Christ and for His work and His servants no doubt reveals their heart of compassion and love.  I praise God for them.  They have greatly been a blessing and an example for me!!!

Again, I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have a change of the date of my return to Ghana.  The main purpose is due to the fact that I have missed my family back home and also, since Easter is at the end of this month, I need to get back early enough to join with the able Pastoral team that the Lord has blessed us with to prepare for our big Easter Service; both physically and spiritually.  Therefore, I will be flying out on the 5th of March, which was the only available date I could get, and arrive in Ghana the next day by 8:15 p.m. – if God wills.

Thank you all very much for all your help while here with you in the States.  From our President; Dr. Mike Patterson to each and every one of you who were willing and enabled me to visit your various churches to share with you what, with your support, the Lord has enabled us to do in Africa for our Great God of Wonders.

Please, continue to pray with us concerning the various works in Africa.  May the Good Lord richly bless you.


In Christ,
Pastor Samuel Appiah & Family

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