Carl Hodsdon: September Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends and Family,


We received word a few minutes ago that the kids’ tourist visas are expired and require us to leave the country to renew them.  They will not look further at our application for the kids until we have these new papers.  This involves several options and steps:

1.    We go by bus to the nearest South American border, about a 24-hour round trip.  With three children, this will be an adventure and a challenge.
2.    Upon leaving it will require us to pay the time between the expiration and the date we leave the country.  This will be about $1,200 for the three children (adding an extra $3 for each day).
3.    If we leave by plane, it would be a lot more expensive.
4.    The application fees have already been paid ($800).  This is in addition to the fee of renewing the tourist visas for the children.
5.    We also need to find a country where we do not need to wait and apply for a visa ahead of time.

Our minds are racing as we have a lot of decisions to make.  Please also pray with us as right now as a lot of our supporters are hurting and have not been able to send in their monthly support on schedule.  This is hurting us and with these expenses coming up for travel and the visas, it is going to cause us to use our credit cards once again; there will be no other option.  We are praying that God will supply all that we need in His perfect timing.  Please pray with us as we make these decisions in the next few days, for our ministry as we prepare to leave for a few days, and for our SAFETY as we travel.

Update:  Soon we will be going to Chile to renew our children’s tourist visas and to begin the process of applying for their residency here in Peru.  The fee is $1,200 or more.  Our plans are to fly to the southern part of Peru, stay there, taxi into Chile, pay the fee, then come back.  Please pray for us as we travel, and that promised funds would come in to our account.  This is a faith mission for sure, as some churches and individuals have promised to start our support, but to date, have not.  We are praying they come through soon.  These funds will be used to purchase tickets for this trip.

We know God can and will do all these things!  All things are possible with Him.  Thank you for your prayers, and for your encouragement.


God bless you,
Carl, Nikki, Ashilynn, Catelynn, and Josiah Hodsdon

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