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March 2014 Prayer Letter

Steve Volante: March Prayer Letter



Dear Praying Friends,

By God’s grace, we are back in Ghana serving here with all our hearts!  We also have the special joy of having my parents, Pastor John & Pat Volante, here with us for three months.  On February 23, 2014, Dr. Weaver allowed me to preach two goodbye messages on worship at WorthBaptistChurch.  Then that very night after church, we had a wonderful sendoff service with many gifts and hundreds of warm hugs!  God also blessed, and the church family gave us a gift of $7,000 toward building a church building in Bui.  (When the Worth Baptist mission’s team came to Ghana, they traveled to Bui with us to see the need first hand.)  On Thursday, February 27, we drove from Dallas to Atlanta in order to say good bye to our older three children, their spouses, and our precious grand babies.  At the airport in Atlanta, we had the sweetest prayer meeting with our children as we said good bye.  My eldest son Jon prayed very hard that his two younger sisters would help him increase the size of our growing family.  Then by God’s grace, we flew safely from Atlanta to Accra without one problem or delay.  Please pray for our son-in-law, Evan; this year he plans to begin his first year of Bible school training.  We all know trials will come in his way to discourage him, but may he stand firm in the faith!

Since we have arrived in Ghana, we have been blessed in so many ways.  Our people have lovingly and joyfully received us back into the work.  God has blessed us, allowing us to see people saved almost every time we have gone out soul winning.  We have all been in good health even though we have jumped from our cold season in the USA to Ghana’s hot dry season.  We also thank you for praying for Michelle’s hand; it has not been going numb since we have returned.

On March 30, 2014, we are planning a building dedication day on our church building in Nsuta.  We are making invitations, doing special visitations, making radio announcements, and inviting our local chiefs to attend the service.  I will have the joy of preaching at the eleven o’clock service and my dad at the one o’clock service.  Please pray for many visitors to attend and hear the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone!

Pastor George & Pastor Atta standing ready for our March 30, 2014, building dedication in Nsuta - Techiman

Pastor George & Pastor Atta standing ready for our March 30, 2014, building dedication in Nsuta – Techiman

Please continue to pray for our big Easter service on April 20, 2014.  We are getting ready with radio preaching, announcements, banners, invitations, special Easter tracts, and extra visitation.  Our youth group will be doing special out-reach the whole Easter week.  Remember our Easter meeting is held outside due to the number of people that attend. Pray for good weather and many visitors to respond to the gospel heralded out that faith day!

For Eternity,
Pastor Stephen J. Volante

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