Steve and Michelle Volante

June 2014 Prayer Letter

Steve and Michelle Volante: June 2014 Prayer Letter

Adutwie Opening

Calvary Baptist Church of Adutwie

Calvary Baptist Church of Adutwie

On May 4, we had the joy of gathering with a group of representatives from our Techiman churches to enjoy the “Opening Service” of the new church building in Adutwie.

The building is still under construction, but we thought it good to give Pastor John Volante, (AKA – Grandpa), the privilege of preaching the first message in the new building before he left for the States.

volantejune142Pastor Daniel Weds Gladys

On May 10, we had the joy of participating in Pastor Daniel’s wedding ceremony in Tuobodom.  The church was packed to over flowing; we must have had over 500 people there on this august occasion.  Thanks to our dear friends the Matthews, we were able to buy and present to Daniel at the wedding a small used car to help him in the ministry in Tuobodom.  Daniel is now the pastor of the Tuobodom church.

Bui Building Report

Calvary Baptist Church of Bui

Calvary Baptist Church of Bui

The foundation is now in and we are filling the foundation getting ready to cast the floor of the church before setting the walls.  We are not moving as fast as we would like due to difficulties in buying the building materials and hiring trucks to deliver the gravel there in Bui.

Pastor John Volante 72 Years Old

Pastor John Volante 72 Years Old

Family Report

Just days after celebrating his 72nd birthday, my dad had our entire family on the edge of our seats.  He fell very sick with malaria.  Before he could recover from the malaria, he also fell sick with life-threatening cellulitis.  We struggled for four days to find the medicine prescribed by his doctor in the USA.  When we finally found it, he recovered very quickly.  By May 29, he was off to Cape Coast, Ghana, preaching at the 5th Anniversary Service of the Living Word Baptist Church pastored by my dear friend, Pastor Miguel Triano.  Dad called me the Monday morning he was leaving to tell me that 16 people came to Christ on Sunday morning during the invitation. (We already miss them!)


Twelve students and graduates of PCC are here for two weeks with Dr. and Mrs. Reese! Please pray that God would bless their time here with us and that they would be greatly impacted for Christ!

*** The Great Opportunity has been acquired! ***

Thank you for praying with us for the perfect piece of roadside real estate on the Bamrie Road in Techiman!  We have saved $2,000; and a loving family in Canada, the Krells, gave $2,000; and Bible Baptist Church in Chickasha, led by Pastor Kim Hayes, is raising the remaining $7,000 and coming with 15 people on a 14-day missions trip in June to see the work here first-hand!  Please pray that God would greatly use them!  I will try to send a photo of the land with the Bible Baptist members standing on it in my next report.  “Thank you Jesus!”

For Eternity,
Pastor Stephen J. Volante


Please pray for a pressing financial need of $2,000 for our church plants in Mali.  We have helped open two churches with the Spirit of Caleb ministry and need help supporting the pastors who are leading these new works in Bamako and in Sevare.       


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