Samuel Yant

June 2015 Prayer Letter

Samuel Yant: June 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Ones,

A few days ago I received a call at 6:00am with a message, “My brother has been picked up by Immigration.” (The government has been increasing its intensity with immigration.) Andres had been faithfully coming to church since he moved here last October, and he has given hundreds of hours of his time to the church. As I met with him in jail to express our gratitude to him for his service and my gratitude to the Lord for how he has grown in the faith, I was encouraged that he was not discouraged in his situation. He sees his home town in Mexico as his new mission field. He came to the states to look for personal treasure, he is now returning to give his family and friends the true treasure of God’s Word. God can take what appears to be an upset in one’s life and turn it into something for His good. Please be in prayer for Andres.

June is a busy month for us as we begin Neighborhood Bible Time for children and teens in the community. This event has been a highlight every year for many young children including the Hispanic community which has grown each year. We have used this promotion as an opportunity to advance the Gospel of Christ to the families of these children. Please pray for us over these next three weeks as we share Christ with children and their families.

We also covet your prayers for our 2015 Missions Conference next month. Please pray that God would burden hearts to give to missions. We desire to see our church to take part in two more mission fields.

We are grateful for each one of you as you have had a special part in tis ministry. We continue to pray for the cities close to us as they also need a Spanish work. Gresham, Salem, Independence, Cornelius, and Forest Grove each need a Fundamental Baptist work in their area. Please pray for God to raise up men for His harvest to work with us here in the Pacific Northwest.

In His Harvest,
Pastor Samuel Yant and family


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