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October 2015 Prayer Letter

Carl Hodsdon: October 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends and Family:

Thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragement!  We are praising the Lord for so many opportunities to serve the Him!  Since coming back, we have had our ups and downs, but God has been faithful to allow us to attend all the meetings including special celebrations!  We also started a Friday night Bible Study in Pachacamac and it is going so well – we now have close to 20 in attendance!  Next week Nikki and I will be co-teaching an ESL class there before the Bible Study.

On Saturday Pastor Javier teaches the youth and music class at the church and the girls so enjoy our youth group activities.  One Saturday a month we have a soccer tournament near our church at a field we rent!  Pray for our members to invite family and friends who then will hear a devotional and salvation message!  This is such a wonderful opportunity to reach the men who would otherwise not attend church.

Nikki and Ashilynn are co-teaching the children’s church and are very much enjoying their time with the children!  Once a month Nikki is teaching the ladies Sunday School and really enjoys her time with the ladies!  I am currently continuing my Acts messages on Sunday night!  Our Sunday night services are growing as well!  Nikki and I are co-teaching the girls and Josiah in homeschool during the week (no videos this time) and we just finished week 6!  Please pray as we seek to find someone to help with the house cleaning once a week so Nikki can be involved more with our church family and ministry.

Once a week, as a family, we go visit the hospitals and neighborhoods for our “field trip.”  Last week we went to Pachacamac visiting!  It was a blessing to be able to go to one of the Friday Bible Study members restaurants for a meal!  It is wonderful to support our members!  We also met a family from Germany in the town square.  There are so many amazing opportunities; and we ask God to show us each time we go out!

Please pray as we start a new work soon in Villa Alejandro on another night during the week!  God is faithful and He is working mightily this term!  Also pray that our paperwork for our visas will be here in time before our current visas expire!  God is so faithful and we are thankful for all He has given us!  God is good!

A special “Thank You” goes out to those who have given toward our building fund.  A separate account has been created for those funds until they are needed directly for land and construction.  May God bless you for your support in this area!

God bless you all and thank you for your hard work, prayers, and faithfulness in supporting us!


Carl, Nikki, Ashilynn, Catelynn, and Josiah

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