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Greetings from Ghana! It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by, and we are looking at 2013. Last year, we were back in the States on a medical furlough that resulted in an operation for Dona. She was diagnosed with normo-calcemic hyperparathyroidism. In February 2012, surgery was done. All four of her parathyroid glands were not functioning properly, and they removed three and a half. In just a few short hours after surgery, the pain that Dona had been experiencing for many months was gone Praise the Lord! After some time of recuperation and follow-up blood work on both the thyroid and parathyroid, the doctors gave us clearance to return to Ghana. We returned to Ghana on June 20.


For the past few months, we have been filling in for Pastor Miguel in Cape Coast helping the Living Word Baptist Church while the Triano’s are in Mexico. This is a fairly new church that would struggle without consistent pastoral help. We have been able to become acquainted with some precious believers, encourage some of the members who have stopped coming to church, enabled them to work through some issues, and see them back attending the church. We have seen some growth in attendance and giving which is encouraging. We will be returning back to Techiman and the work in Tuobodom in early February of 2013 when the Triano’s return.


When we first returned to Ghana, we were excited with what God was doing with the work in Tuobodom and Adutwie. It was exciting to see the spiritual growth of the Tuobodom church and to see their reliance on God. Pastor Ameyaw had grown both spiritually and socially with the pastoral staff and people. Pastor Ameyaw has a deep love for the work;

sometime in the future the Tuobodom church will be placed into his care as the senior pastor. This year was difficult for him because he had two motorcycle accidents. The last one in October resulted in a shattered femur. This has not dampened his spirit to serve his Lord, but it has caused him to slow down. Please pray for Pastor Ameyaw’s continued recovery. Adutwie is an outreach ministry of the Tuobodom church, and we have been working diligently in this village for a number of years. In 2011, God gave us the strength to purchase a great building lot inAdutwie. In 2012, our people cleared 85% of the property. We are planning to break ground for the building in the spring of 2013. 

Peterson 2Cleared Church Land in the village of Adutwie


While the people of Adutwie are among the poorest people of the world, they are fervent and faithful in their worship and personal evangelism. Would you please pray about helping us with this church building project? I promise you, your money will not be wasted. Some gifts have already come in, and we should have enough to complete the foundation. We still need just over $10,000 to get the walls up and roof on so that we can start using the building this year.

Until He Comes!  Pastor Jim Peterson

Peterson 3Calvary Baptist Church of Tuobodom


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