Hope Int. Senior High School

After overcoming many trial and difficulties, in late November the Lord allowed us to give birth to the Hope International Senior High School, (AKA. HIS School). We should have opened the school in late September; but due to several problems outside or control, we started school late. This really hurt the school’s enrollment for the school year of 2011. We were praying for at least 100 students, and instead we started with 25 determined students.

Some have asked me if I am discourage. I have answered, “Disappointed, but never discouraged, I believe in what I am doing and feel and see the Lord’s hand in the birth of this school.” Shortly after, several new students had applied to come to school after the Christmas break. We needed at least seventy students for the school to break even financially.

In 2010 we asked you to pray that the Lord would provide us with 25-30 scholarships for needy villager children. We wanted to grant these Hope Scholarships to students in villages where we hope to planet new churches. Each Hope Scholarship cost $50 per month and should be given for at least 4 years. By God’s grace, we did receive 25 scholarship donors for this first group of students. We have set and entrance grade requirement for scholarship students that has disqualified many applicants.

Please pray for the salvation of many of these students who are coming from Muslim homes and others from homes where they are members of the many churches hear in Ghana that teach works salvation.

To those of you who have given joyfully and sacrificially for the opening of HIS School, we would love for you to come and visit the school one day and see the fruit of your labor. Thank you so much for helping us reach them! “Suffer even big children to come to the Savior!”

Pastor Stephen Volante

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