Bethesda Children Homes

The Bethesda Children’s Homes stand as a beacon of light in a land that is dark with crime, witchcraft, and idolotry. The homes are a place where indiginous Mexican children can receive food, clothing, shelter, education, medical attention, love, and best of all – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Averaging more than 100 young people for over 40 years, the Bethesda homes are responsible for a generation of new Christians, Christian workers and ministers. We are seeing lives and homes transformed by the grace of God. It is our desire to continue to rescue the lost and hungry, to feed their bodies and their souls, and to develop young men and women of God who will go out from here and help us win their villages, their nation and this world for Christ.

The Bethesda Children’s Homes exist to win children and their families for Christ and to see local churches started as a result. Though we are dedicated to feeding, clothing and providing shelter for the poor and homeless, our mission is more than humanitarian help or providing short-term solutions ot social problems. We provide and eternal solution for THE problem of man. We thank you for your support and prayers for this amazing work of God


2013 Budget Needs and Prayer Requests – Tlapa Homes

This yearly offering is Abarim’s only fund-raising event for the Tlapa homes. We do our best to receive it without human pressure. The recession, added to the decreasing dollar exchange rates, has diminished our support for the homes by about 40%. We have several longtime supporters that have been hit by tragedy and have discontinued their help for the homes. The children are powerless to meet these needs.

On the positive side, we have been blessed with the most Godly, well trained and efficient staff in the history of the homes. We began the year with a record number of children (140 children) and a staff family of 15 under the wings of the Bethesda homes. We prayerfully present the following needs for your prayer. Should the Lord lead you to sacrifice toward them, I am certain He will add His blessing.

1. Monthly Support: At present we have 140 children. We have kept our suggested support level at $75 per month for about ten years. With inflation and the falling dollar, our studies have placed their minimum basic support at $100 per month each. At present, we have about 30 unsupported children through additions to the homes and dropped support. It was double that amount earlier in the fall, but one couple has promised support for nearly half of what was lacking. Need: Support at $100 per month for 30.

2. Staff salaries: All of our staff has graduated from Bible college. Half of them have university degrees as well, and all are sacrificing to serve. We have added an R.N., who works full time with the medical clinic, and a recent university physical education director. A new couple is now leading the girls’ homes. Combined monthly salaries for the staff total a little over $6,000 per month. At least half or $3,500 is presently out of budget.

3. Special meals: Children’s day, Easter, Graduation $1,000 each

4. Christmas: We provide a special meal, piñatas, and gifts. By Mexican law, a double salary is paid for the entire staff. The cost for all of this was about $5,000 this year.


5. Building project: We have built an office and teaching-conference room this year. The anticipated cost of $12,000 was generously supplied by one of our faithful supporters. With incredible price increases in both materials and labor coupled with a drop in our dollar parity, we have already spent about $22,000. We have a $10,000 deficit that Becky and I have covered
temporarily to keep from stopping the work. It is now finished with the exception of air-conditioning and furnishings. Need: $10,000 for building deficit, $3,000 for air conditioning, and about $5,000 for the furnishings.

6. August Reunion: This year’s reunion cost about $4,000 for the three day event. About 700 attended the event, and many life changing decisions were made. You will see a video report of this meeting.

7. Staff Retreat: For three years, we have hosted a three day retreat in Acapulco with R & R for our faithful staff in Tlapa as well as the Cuernavaca mission office. The cost of the meeting this year was about $3,500 for hotels, meals, travel, and etc. We spend hours in the morning and evening in staff training. (This year’s theme was leadership and principles for making disciples.)This may be the most important thing we do each year. I would like to add an extra day this year. Need: $4,500

8. Uniforms: We need about $50 per child each year for uniforms.

Special prayer request: As many of you know, Mexico has become a dangerous place to live, work, and minister. The drug lords have no regard for human life. Several mission agencies have pulled virtually all of their missionaries out of Mexico. Our church in Cuernavaca has been the victim of several armed assaults. Cars and contents have been stolen. A prayer meeting was stopped, and the people robbed at gunpoint.

A Facebook message was recently placed on my account in Spanish asking what our friends would pay as a ransom should they kidnap me. We do live in perilous times. Becky and I will continue our ministry and be in Mexico as much as my health allows. I do ask for your prayers as we lead the homes and continue with conferences all over Mexico. As I write, the children and staff of the homes have been protected. Pray with me that the Lord will continue with His hand of protection over these very special children.

Thank you for your prayers,  Dr. Mike Patterson – President-General Director

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