Bamrie Road Property

Ghana, West Africa
Donation Goal For This Project is $11,000
36% Donated/$6,975 To Go
Donate Now

Would you pray about helping us secure a perfect piece of road side real-estate on the Bamrie Road?  We are starting a church in this part of our city, and we are currently borrowing a temporary place of worship from a church member.  We approached the chief of Bamrie for two building lots 100 x 100 on the main road.  He is asking for $7,000 per lot, making it $14,000.  We only have $2,000 saved and are, by faith, offering him $10,000 for both.  He has now come down to $11,000.  We really need your help; other business men are trying to buy the land as well, and we don’t want to miss it!

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