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hHodsdon 1Pastor Carl & Nikki Hodsdon Ashilynn, Catelynn, Josiah

Having left the country of Venezuela, we are now eight months into our new ministry in Lurin, Peru. Lurin is about twelve miles outside of Lima as you head down the coast. It is a poor town with about fifty thousand people and no Bible preaching church.

We have teamed up with the Templetons in this work. This missionary couple has a church plant in central Lima and a radio station in Lurin that shares its property with our church.

Shortly after we started working in Lurin, I began teaching a series of messages on personal evangelism. These classes Hodsdon 2culminated with a week of revival services. Through these services, we saw several people accept Christ as Savior.

We have seen our church grow as people are saved and invite their neighbors. We have also seen our church grow as a result of the radio ministry. 


Radio Integridad provides quality programming and is listened to by a wide audience. Many families have started attending as a result of hearing about our church on the radio. These blessings have come with challenges as well. Many of these new believers come from diverse religious backgrounds. Though they have been Christians for years, many of them are lacking in very basic instruction. Pray for us as we try to gently instruct these members. The church is on the same property as the radio station. This temporary structure has been a blessing; but with the rapid growth the church is experiencing, we will soon outgrow this facility. As part of the antenna, there are thousands of feet of steel cables buried under the church flooring. Every few years, these cables have to be dug up and maintained by law. This means that the church’s eventual permanent building will have to be built on a different property. The good news is that because we are in Lurin and not Lima proper, the cost of purchasing land and building a church structure is only a tenth of what a comparable structure would cost in the city. Pray for us as we raise these funds. Our goal is to purchase the property and break ground in construction by the end of summer 2013, Lord willing!We have been living in Lima and commuting 1 hour each way to Lurin. This has allowed us to have our girls in the Fetzer BMM Academy. In order to minister better, we plan to move to Lurin (or nearby community). Pray that we will find a good school for the girls and a safe home for the family.

God bless and thank you for your prayers for Peru and its people! Hodsdon 3


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