Bethesda Children’s Home 2020 Annual Report

Dr. Mike and Mrs. Becky Patterson – MABMI President Emeritus and International Representative 
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Tlapa, Mexico
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January 2021

Presenting THE FARM Dr. McCoy’s dream
becoming reality.

The Property
The Lord often reveals his plans in difficult times. The Covid plague
has opened doors to buy a 10-15-acre bottomland farm a few minutes
from the homes. It will have electricity and a reliable source of
water. The cost will be around $125,000 U.S. A team is evaluating
properties and our lawyers are making sure the titles are airtight.

The Plan
On it we will raise fruits, vegetables and produce for the homes. It
will have a small chicken farm for eggs and small hog lot. It will be
irrigated year-round. A university graduate from the homes will lead
the project and train 20-25 young men who will work the farm while
learning cutting edge agricultural processes for the region.

The Purpose
Nothing will be sold. We will not be in competition with local
farmers. Produce will be used by the homes; any surplus will be
given to help national pastors It will be a training center helping
the entire mountain region adapted to the rigors of mountain
farming. Virtually all will one day inherit family communal farms.

The Provision
We are trusting God for this provision. When the paperwork is
underway a deposit will be made of about $12,500 dollars. The
balance will be paid when the title is transferred. God is moving.
Several have promised help. The man who has built all our buildings
for 25 years by donating the engineering, architecture and oversight,
is already developing the master plan. We will need God’s help, and
yours. Will you sponsor an acre at $12,500? Pray about this.

In His Love
Mike Patterson

P.S. 2020 was a year of amazing fruit bearing. So many were saved.
New churches were started and the Gospel was set fire by God’s
Spirit as the ministry grew. It was a time of sorrow. So many have
already died with Covid: Pastors, missionaries and church leaders.
The homes and our staff have had not one infection. Becky and I
have both suffered Covid and survived. We fly to Mexico next week

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