Major Areas of Ministry

Church Planting Worldwide

The primary goal of MABMI is to win the lost to Christ and see New Testament local churches started as a result. All other ministries are with this goal in mind. Within the scope of this outreach, a Fund is established for the subsidy support of international church planters from third world countries for predetermined time periods allowing full time ministry until the church can assume its responsibility. It also serves the needs of tribal evangelists whose itinerant ministries do not allow pastoral salaries. Finally, this fund will serve the basic needs of national pastors in Communist or otherwise closed countries where traditional local church pastoral support is not allowed by ruling governments. (Ministry alliances have been forged to help some who have to remain anonymous for their own protection.)


Bible Training Centers which include, Christian Day Schools, Bible Institutes, Bible Colleges, Seminaries, Schools for Deaf and M.K. Schools.

The Great Commission says, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” We do not fulfill this commission without a program of discipleship and education. We expect leaders to be raised up from the local congregations to assume the roles of Pastor and of missionary. Bible Institutes, Colleges and Seminaries have been established to train these men for the ministry to which God has called them. Christian day schools are used as an evangelistic tool to reach the children for Christ. In addition to seeing these children saved, we hope to reach their parents and families and to raise a Godly generation that will win their country for Christ. A Scholarship Fund has been established to meet the special needs of gifted children raised in Abarim Homes to further their higher education goals. It shall also be used as available to help missionary parents when needed in higher education of their children. This fund shall only be used when students are attending approved Christian Colleges and Universities. Each student shall be approved on a case-by-case basis only as funds are available.

Children Homes

These homes are for tribal children, street children, orphans and the underprivileged. In each case, our major purpose is to assure the conversion, Biblical instruction, and basic education of each child while meeting basic physical and emotional needs. (The forty year history of the Abarim Homes in Tlapa, Mexico has irrefutably proved that graduates often become the next generation leaders in their communities.)

Christian Radio

Our radio ministries arededicated to the propagation of the Gospel worldwide with special emphasis toward establishing radio ministries through the purchase of radio time or establishing new stations as the need may dictate. Radio can often reach places that missionaries cannot. It is an invaluable tool in spreading the Gospel, in ministering to new believers and on-going discipleship of national Christians.

Jewish Ministries Worldwide

Believing in the mandate that the Gospel is to be to the Jew first, we are placing special emphasis in the evangelization of God’s Chosen. In Brazil, a well established work has already been extremely fruitful and a ministry alliance with I.B.J.M. through the Hispanic Offices to serve the growing pool of missionaries in Latin America to the Jews.

Bible Translation

Of the nearly 6,000 languages in the world, less than 400 have complete Bibles. This may well be our most important contribution to world evangelism. There has never been a major church movement that did not have the Bible in their own language. Any translation and revision work will be based on the Textus Receptus family of texts, as is the King James in English. Abarim’s major emphasis will be on meeting the needs of languages with no adequate Bible rather than producing “new” revisions in English or any other language having an adequate T.R. based text readily available in print.

International and Field Offices

Our International and field offices are essential in providing the services that missionaries need to keep them on the field and focused on what God has called them to do. Our offices serve both the missionaries and their supporters (local churches and individuals that send and fund missionaries). Foreign Field offices have proved to be cost efficient and effective in meeting the needs of national missionaries and church planters alike. Through these offices we are able to provide a myraid of services to missionaries, including but not limited to, financial planning and administration, lifecare, project planning, communication, international banking and finance, training, counselling, fund-raising, field study and analysis, and governmental intervention (US and foreign).