Last Letter from Dr. Lyle McCoy

Dr. Lyle McCoy: October 31, 1941 --- September 11, 2011

Dear Pastors and Friends,

The following letter was written by my father the day before he began his chemotherapy treatments. He anticipated that he may have difficulty adjusting and wanted to make sure his next letter was written.  By now you are aware of his home going and are probably wondering what’s next? His widow, Josefina and my three youngest brothers continue their furlough in Texas while completing immigration processes that my father began.  One of his final desires was that his wife and Mexican born children could travel freely between the United States and Mexico.   Josefina speaks regularly with the national pastors that are carrying on my father’s work.  As you can read from his last letter, this was his desire.

When I was seven years old I became very sick with measles and double pneumonia.  The doctor declared I would not live to see another day.  My parents prayed and surrendered me to the will of the Lord. At eight o’clock the next morning I sat on the side of the bed eating a bowl of ice cream.  The Lord Jesus had graciously extended my stay on planet earth.

At age eleven, The Lord called me to be a missionary.  One year later (1954), my missionary parents and family began a pioneering ministry in Northern Mexico.  I have many memories of our struggles and labor of love in the city of Monterrey and its surrounding towns and ranchos.  I learned to relish the food, music and language of the Mexican people.  The Lord really blessed our ministry during those years of service in Northern Mexico.

In 1957 my family and I moved to Costa Rica, Central America to pioneer a missionary effort in four Central American countries. I had the privilege to travel with my father to the cities, towns, banana plantations and jungles of Central America.  What really got my attention were the experiences in the jungles and isolated areas where we journeyed with the gospel message.  I felt that someday my future ministry would be realized with people living in some forsaken area of the world.

Once completing my course of studies in Tennessee Temple University, my wife and I moved to Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico (1964) to assist my father in a church planting ministry.  Four years later the Lord called me to serve Him among the Indians in southern Mexico.  There we have remained for the past forty-three years.  Praise the Lord for every soul saved as a result of our obedience to His call.

The doctor thought I would not make it until the next day. I am still here sixty-three years later. I will celebrate another birthday on October 31. Life has been good. It has been a tremendous joy and privilege to serve the Lord!  I am really glad I made it! — Yours for Indian Souls,   Lyle R McCoy

My dad did not have the opportunity to celebrate his 70th birthday on this earth, but is instead rejoicing at the feet of our Father in heaven.  Please pray for our family as we adjust to his absence. This is especially difficult for my youngest brothers, ages four, seven and ten.  Monthly letters will continue through Josefina as she communicates with the Mexican pastors on the progress of the work.

In Christ,

Steve McCoy
Josefina, Abdiel, David and Josiah McCoy

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