Josefina McCoy: December 2011 Prayer Letter

Dear  friends;

Thank you so much for your prayers and continued financial support for the Indian people and for our family.   So much has taken place since the burial of my husband, Lyle.

A memorial service was arranged in Tlapa in honor of Lyle on October 9th. It is estimated that between 500-600 people attended. Several people were saved and thirty-five dedicated their lives to full time Christian service.  Of the four pastors that spoke at the service three were trained personally by Lyle over the years and in the Bible Institute.  The theme of the service was Moving Forward. One pastor put it this way, “We should move forward in what Bro. Lyle taught us so his work here was not in vain”.  The people were very thankful that God sent him to the Indian tribes. They realize that he was the first person that had ever come to preach to them and they know it was the most important thing in their lives. For that reason alone, they must move forward.

We continue to support Florencio Sanchez, a national pastor, in his ministry.  He pastors four village churches and has received an invitation at two additional villages. These particular villages have never had anyone come to share the gospel with them.  Also, a family Bro. Sanchez visited some time ago has invited him back even though they receive much pressure from the village. God is working to move forward!

Pastor Juan Guzman, pastors six churches and is beginning week long seminars to disciple the people and train them in music, teaching and other church work.  Bro. Guzman is a pastor that we continue to support and is teaching others to move forward.

Bro. Leopoldo Aurelio, continues to pastor eight different churches and Bro. Josias Mosso pastors four. All of these pastors are men that Lyle trained, encouraged and prayed for through his ministry. The seed of hard work and passion for the Indian tribes was planted in their hearts. Thank you for your support and prayers as my husband’s ministry continues through these pastors.

Our family is trying to move forward as well.  We are living with Lyle’s oldest son, Steve in Texas. Our three boys are attending a bilingual school here as we continue our furlough. Please continue to pray for our family as we adjust to this new life and make decisions about what God has for us.  We miss him terribly but have been so thankful and overwhelmed by the love and graciousness of God’s people.

The boys and I pray daily for all of our supporters and thank God for your love towards us. May you have a very Merry Christmas and know that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father.

In Him,
Josefina McCoy

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