Bill Patterson: March 2013 Prayer Letter

bill patterson

Dear Praying Friends:

These next three weeks are going to fly by!  In addition to a group of ten coming to visit us with Dr. Charles Keen, Jeff and Kristie Dean will be back for a ten-day visit to Mongolia.  During that same time, we need to finalize our residency permission, move our translation office, make ten trips to the airport, and be faithful in all of our other ministries.  Please pray that God would grant us the strength we need!

Bible Translation Class  We have now entered the seventh week of the online Bible translation class that I have been teaching.  Although a few are no longer able to join us each week, there are still almost twenty that continue to learn about the various aspects of Bible translation.  It has been a joy to share with them what the Lord has shown me in the last thirteen years of translating God’s Word.

Mongolian Translation Update  Hurrah!  Oyumaa has finished her work on the book of Acts, and has started translating Titus.  She will then translate Philemon and go into the General Epistles.  Dashka and I have still not finished Matthew, but we have only two and a half chapters until we finish.  Sambuu has now started doing his part in 2 Corinthians.  What a joy!

Short Trip  Our family will be making a short trip to the US in May and June.  During that time, I will be traveling to meetings involving Bible translation in three different places, in addition to speaking in at least ten churches.  We truly do need a short break, and praise the Lord for this opportunity to be with family and friends.

In Christ’s love,
Bill Patterson


PS  Although we have been blessed with many visitors in our church during this last month, we want to see those visitors come to the Savior.  Please pray that they would accept Christ as their only Lord.

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