Tom Gilmer: February 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends of Zion:

Linda and I are grateful that the January prayer request for “Salvation of Jews and Gentiles—now!” was answered.  Thank you all for praying, and thanks to all who gave, as well.

Benjamin is now officially in Israel as a citizen.  He was born there but his parents brought him to Brazil when he was only three years old.  His potential for the Lord as a Sabra (Israeli-born citizen) is great. During his short visit to Brazil in January to gather up his belongings, he took his nine-year-old son to Templo Batista. The child confirmed that he understands the Gospel through Benjamin’s witness and knows he is saved. He received a Bible and an explanation of how to hear good Bible teaching through BBN radio online. Benjamin wrote a beautiful dedicatory in a Bible for him, but he was afraid to take it home. He was born out of wedlock and his mother, his legal guardian, is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic and married to a man of the same mindset. Thus, the boy left the Bible with his grandmother.  Impressed with the dedicatory Benjamin wrote, she has now begun to read the Bible herself! She sent an email to Templo Batista to thank us for all we have done for Benjamin.  Divorced for many years with no possibility of reuniting with Benjamin’s father, she has sold her little clothing store and is preparing for Aliyah (immigration) to Israel, as well. Thank the Lord for the privilege of helping fulfill prophecy over the years, encouraging believing and unbelieving Jews to return to Israel.

WHY DO WE NEED A LARGER WAREHOUSE?  For Bibles, paper, and bindery supplies. For over a year Harold Ralph has been able to negotiate printing and binding contracts with agreements from suppliers to hold materials and/or Bibles for us until requested.  We ought to purchase paper in larger quantities and print larger numbers of Bibles at opportune moments when printers need the business and offer lower prices, but we lack space.  It saddens us that we cannot store Scriptures printed by various Bearing Precious Seed groups for distribution during the 2014 World Cup soccer games in Brazil next July.

WHY DO WE NEED TO HELP A POTENTIAL BIBLE TRANSLATOR/ EDUCATOR?  Conservative Bible translation consultants, fluent in Biblical and other languages, are desperately needed. Liberals abound!  Professor Francisco Assis Nogueira, of sound doctrine, has excelled in language studies in universities in Brazil.  He must further his studies in the USA and England to meet requirements for his doctorate from the University of São Paulo. This degree will give him the credentials of being Brazil’s most qualified Greek scholar in Christian circles. His expertise is needed to train others. May God guide and provide.

If you did not receive the annual report from Mt. Abarim and would like to have a copy, please notify the mission office. Five pages give more details of the ministries here in Brazil. Thank you again for your participation that helps make it possible.

Yours for the Messiah,

Tom and Linda Gilmer


  1. Professions of faith:  4 Gentiles, 1 Jew.
  2. Dozens working faithfully toward the success of projects and needs mentioned in Prayer Requests.


  1. Salvation of Jews and Gentiles.
  2. Bible study helps preparation.
  3. Churches:  New and expansion of existing ones.
  4. “Church Growth by Soul Winning and Discipleship” Conference with Dr. David Teis in Brazil, July 2014.  Need 50 sponsors for needy pastors and wives to attend, $240 each couple.
  5. Larger warehouse for Bibles.
  6. Prof. David Corrêa, bone marrow transplant rescheduled for this month.
  7. Prof. Francisco Assis and wife – English school and housing, June-December.
  8. Leocy, a valuable worker—surgery delayed various times by gov. bureaucracy, scheduled this month.
  9. Daniel Hammond, our 10-yr-old grandson, vision therapy.

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