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Prayer Letter, April, 2014

Bill Patterson: April 2014 Prayer letter

Dear Praying Friends:

The celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the greatest victory date on the calendar. When Jesus rose from the dead, victorious over sin, He confirmed our eternal salvation. May God use this special time of the year to bring many souls to Himself through our faithful witness!

Mongolian Translation News:  Philippians is now completely finished, and Luke is well underway. Oyumaa has greatly benefitted from the health treatments she has received. Possibly even more important than any medicine is the clean air in this small town in southwestern Tennessee. By God’s grace, He has provided us with a place here to live, a room in which to work, and two church families that are very supportive of our work.  Praise the Lord!!

Family Update:  Heather will be graduating from high school in just a few weeks. She was accepted this week at Pensacola Christian College for the fall semester, and she plans to study Graphic Design. She desires to learn the skills to create promotional materials for churches and missionaries, web design, and photography. We are praying that God would also provide a life mate for her that would have a strong ministry focus. Please pray for all of us during this milestone in our lives.

Special Need:  Thus far, the Lord has allowed our 1998 Grand Marquis to be our means of transportation. Amazingly, we have managed to travel with the necessary luggage to each destination. Please continue to pray that God, in His time, would provide a larger and more reliable means of transportation for our family. Last week, we spent $608 to get the heater core replaced … Praise the Lord for a special offering that covered that expense! When God provides, it will be exactly what we need.

Your servant in the Lord,
Bill Patterson

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