Bill and Marcy Patterson

June 2015 Prayer Letter

Bill Patterson: June 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends:

It’s almost ten at night, and my warm cup of tea has almost turned cold. Mrs. Oyumaa and I have been working on 2 Timothy, and her grandchildren have come in behind her during their lunch break from school. They wave at me before scampering off to find something to eat. It is fourteen hours ahead of Texas time, and the Mongolian sights and sounds pour through our Internet connection. Twenty-first century Bible translation can happen simultaneously in multiple continents.

Without your prayers, our work could not go forward. Every time that we sigh in disappointment, the prayers of God’s people surround the Heavenly Throne and God makes a new way for us to proceed! Last month, there were many burdens we were carrying. Some were too heavy to share. God has lifted many of our loads, and we are so grateful. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

Recently, I spoke to a group of Bible translators from around the world. God is raising up a new generation of Bible translators, and it is so exciting to see what He has planned. During a time for questions, we discussed a number of strategies to enable translators to have access to tools and information that were previously unknown. How wonderful to be part of this exciting time in God’s plan!

On June 23, I will leave for Mongolia. Since Oyumaa cannot come to the US, I will be going there to work for several weeks. My family will not be able to go, due to responsibilities and preparations for our two older children to attend college this coming September. While in Mongolia, I will be preaching in several churches, helping with a summer camp, and translating the Scriptures. Please pray for all of us.

In Christian love,
Bill Patterson

PS During the last month, we have set up two more meetings for our furlough in 2016. Please let us know if there is a special time that you would like for us to visit. We look forward to seeing dear friends and faithful supporters that we have not seen in many years.

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