Tlapa Homes 2016 Conference Report

Conference Report 2016

From September through early December we traveled in meetings and used my book signings to help fill some gaps in the support for the homes.  Special Christmas offerings were received and all of the funds from the sale of MY PEOPLE have been given to the homes.  Christmas bonuses were paid, and all of the children received special treats in December, but we desperately need help for the Christian School.  It has been a very fruitful year.  The children and staff led over 2000 people to Christ this year in Tlapa.

  1. We presently have eight children in need of sponsors at $100 per month. Their photos and stories are available.  (This does not include tuition and expenses for the Christian day school.)
  2. Bethesda Centurion Club—“One of one-hundred project.”  We desperately need one-hundred Christian school sponsors at $25.00 each month to cover the basic financial needs of our school.  This covers our actual cost for curriculum and materials and part of the teacher’s salaries. This award winning Christian School has been a lifesaver.  The unstable government schools have been on strike for months at a time.  Funds for this need largely came from two dear friends and supporters that have experienced financial reverses and could not continue with their $3000 in combined monthly support.  The poor tribal children cannot pay tuition.
  3. Uniforms for 150 children and staff at $50.00 each.
  4. Alumni Reunion $5500 (about 600 attended this year.) Mexican Staff 3 day Retreat $4500.
  5. Special Meals for anniversary, Easter, Christmas, and graduation. $1000 each.
  6. Aguinaldos for staff (bonuses mandated by Mexican law in the month of December)  $7000.

P.S.  Miraculous special end of year offerings allowed us to finish the year in the black.  A special gift from the Liberty Baptist Church of Las Vegas, Nevada, is coming at a time of desperate need.  We offer special thanks to Dr. Teis and his generous church.

Yours for Christ’s little ones,
Mike Patterson


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