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October 2017 Prayer Letter

Bill Patterson: October 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

When the Lord closes one door, He is preparing to open another. Many of you have been praying for a Scripture distribution campaign in Mongolia. A large team from the US had traveled to Mongolia to distribute our translation of the Gospel of Mark. As far as we know, there are no current laws prohibiting foreigners from freely giving away God’s Word. Two of the four teams were arrested, however, and later, all of the teams had their passports withheld until their departure. They have been banned from Mongolia for three years. Did the Lord open another door? One of our Mongolian men, who works in printing our translation, was moved to begin taking a box of three hundred Gospels of Mark with him after work. His plan is to go to various areas of Ulaanbaatar and distribute the 70,000 remaining copies. He is praying that God would raise up other Mongolians to do the same. Would you pray for this need?

Three days ago, I returned from Mongolia. During the time that I was away, I taught our Old Testament translation team a number of courses such as Biblical Hebrew, Poetry, and Principles and Philosophy of Translation. We even translated Psalm 112 from Hebrew into Mongolian! Please pray for Oyumaa, Tungaa, Enkhtuul, and Eebee as they faithfully translate God’s Word. Also, please pray for Missionary Jason Ritchie as he leads the team. Thank you for faithfully praying for all of us!

Please continue praying for the health of our son, Ryan. He is learning how to cope daily with Lyme’s disease. Although he is at college, he still must prepare much of his own food. This takes time and money, and we are amazed at how God has supplied. This trial has tested our faith, but God is faithful!

May God bless you,
Bill Patterson

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