Bill and Marcy Patterson: December 2019 Prayer Letter

Bill and Marcy Patterson
MABMI President, Church Planter, Bible Translator

December 2019 Newsletter

Spiritual seeds do not often produce fruit immediately. As I recently taught several modular classes at a School of Bible translation in Mexico, Juana Sanchez, a freshman, listened very attentively. On our last day of class, she came up and asked to speak with me. She told me that her family had been reached by my uncle, and that she had grown up in the church started by my grandfather. When she heard of our work in Bible translation, she began to pray that she could be a Bible translator. She was shocked to learn that one of her teachers would be the nephew and grandson of people that had been a long-time influence in her life.

Bible Translation News: Marcy and I have just returned from a very successful trip to Mongolia. Our time there was extremely busy as we met with the translators for daily work in translating Joshua and Obadiah. We also met with a great group of pastors that have volunteered to help us with reading committees. The joy of giving them the books of Jonah and Ruth was wonderful! Please keep our Mongolian friends in your prayers.

Mount Abarim News: The 55th annual International Conference for World Evangelism is scheduled to begin in just over a month. Speakers from across America and missionaries from around the world will join us. The special music will be brought by Evangelist Ben Everson. Several activities have been planned to maximize our opportunities for fellowship and encouragement. Come join us on January 20-23 for a blessed event!

Ministry Update: During the last three months, our schedule was so full that we often did not communicate as much as we would have preferred to do. Marcy and I were in over 150 ministry opportunities in more than twenty churches in five countries. The Lord allowed us to see many souls saved. We joined two other couples on a survey trip for a new ministry that is scheduled to begin in July of 2020. Lord willing, we will begin a missionary training program for adults who are interested in missions. The Lord has increased our burden to train and prepare the next generation for future ministry. Please pray for us. If you can, please help us!

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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