Tom and Linda Gilmer : November 2020 Prayer Letter

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Gilmer – Church Planter, Bible Translation in São Paulo, Brazil

November 2020
Dear Friends of Zion:

Your continued support in prayers and offerings encourages us! Thank you so much.

On October 27 our son Harold Ralph presented on Brazilian National TV a masterful review of the history of the Trinitarian Bible Society of Brazil (Sociedade Bíblica Trinitariana do Brasil, or SBTB). As Executive Vice President (his father is the President), he gave a classic interview explaining how and why the Society came into existence in 1968 and remains firmly focused on its principles to this day. Its mission is to give to the Portuguese-speaking world the most faithful copy possible of the Word of God, based on the Hebrew Masoretic Text and Greek Textus Receptus, known as the Almeida Corrigida Fiel (Almeida, Corrected, Faithful) Bible. Thanks to the excellent training that Harold Ralph received for eight years at Pensacola Christian College and Seminary, and his twenty years of experience working with the Society and giving seminars, he was able to express in clearly defined, scholarly terms his heartfelt objectives and convictions. Dr. Horton and his professors would be very gratified with his presentation. All to the GLORY OF GOD!

Praise the Lord for two more candidates for pastoral ministry! Samuel, who is blind in one eye and wears dark glasses that make him resemble Ray Charles, used to sit on a stool beside Linda at the piano and play a little flute to accompany the singing at church. He now leads the singing, plays several instruments and teaches music as he finishes his third year of college, majoring in physics. He announced several weeks ago that God has called him to preach. Pastor Marcos is coaching him as he prepares to speak on a Wednesday night at the end of this month.

The other candidate is a young man, Paulo Henrique, whom I met about thirteen years ago while caring for the Jewish ministry of a fellow missionary who was on furlough. He has now graduated from one school and teaches Hebrew as he studies for a second degree from another school. He sought us out and will do an internship with our first church, Templo Batista de Indianópolis; our Jewish Ministry, Amigos de Sião (Friends of Zion); and with our Bible ministry, as well, with a view of becoming a pastor.

May God richly bless you all.
Yours for the Messiah,
Tom and Linda Gilmer

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