Marlon and Kareen Jumawan: June 2021 Prayer Letter

Marlon and Kareen Jumawan – Missionary and Church Planter in Philippines

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by faith, not by sight) The amazing things of God will be truly felt when we walk by faith. I sincerely thank God for the few churches, Pastors and friends who are backing us in our finances and most especially in prayers.

We praise God for the increase He is giving to Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church. We are now averaging more than 200 in attendance in every service. Our Saturday outreaches now have reached over 400 kids. Our Bible studies now have 25 areas with more than 100 people in attendance every week.

Please help us in your prayers, as we are in need of a music teacher since our pianist is moving to her hometown next month. In our 31 months of being in the field, our teens are just beginners in music and still need somebody to train them well. It would be great if somebody would surrender to help us especially in our music ministry even for just few
months. Also, for our soulwinners’ protection from the COVID virus and any harm since we are always out in our tracts distribution campaign with intense soulwinning.

Below are our church’s major events since our last prayer letter:
March – 1st Annual Workers and Volunteers Conference
April – 1st Annual Resurrection Cantata; 5th Church Anniversary
May – 1st Annual Men’s Conference
June – 1st Annual Bible Study Summit (92 visitors; 196 overall attendance)

Results for our SWAT:
March (278 salvations, 13 baptisms)
April (424 salvations, 14 baptisms)
May (498 salvations)

In Christ,
Marlon Jumawan
Matthew 5:16

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