Tom and Linda Gilmer : June 2021 Prayer Letter

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Gilmer – Church Planter, Bible Translation in São Paulo, Brazil

June 2021
Dear Friends of Zion:

With joy we praise the LORD for your faithful prayers and offerings, which He used to get us through a very difficult month worsened by Brazil’s continuing COVID crisis.

The meeting with the publishing company NOVO SÉCULO, regarding the book on Bibliology (Bible preservation and the History of the Portuguese Bible), terminated with the promise of the owner to endeavor to print the book and have it for sale in bookstores by November of this year.

The final service in the present auditorium of our first church, Templo Batista de Indianópolis, will take place this month. For several weeks thereafter, services will be held in the educational building behind the auditorium while a rented building is being prepared for meetings a block from where the new building will be constructed. It is projected that the construction will take a year or two. It will have four stories, including underground parking and a flat roof for fellowship, recreational and even sports activities, to accommodate the church, the Jewish Ministries, and a Christian school. The present properties, located in a block that is zoned for skyscrapers, are being swapped for a new, adequate building seven blocks away that will meet all building codes for multi-functional facilities.

Our granddaughter, Roxanne Ribeiro, informed us recently: “…I was just approved as a BIMI missionary, praise the Lord!…Many of the pastors there knew you and Grandpa…” (Baptist International Missions, Inc.). Since childhood, Roxanne’s dream has been to have a children’s music ministry. The Lord blessed her with a beautiful voice that she has dedicated to this purpose. She will serve as a part of her father Rom Ribeiro’s church planting team, serving through music, sign language, and Christian education. Roxanne’s contact information: cell phone (704)605-2330; e-mail She is a third-generation missionary in Brazil, fourth generation in Latin America. To God be the glory. May He richly bless.

Yours for the Messiah,
Tom and Linda Gilmer


  1. Professions of faith: 2.
  2. Pastor Marcos’s wife home, walking, talking, after 54 days in the hospital. Medical staff had to admit miracle of answered prayers!
  3. Publisher’s target date for the book on Bibliology to be on sale in bookstores: November of this year..
  4. Palestinian war against Israel over. . . for now.


  1. Salvation decisions: Jews and Gentiles.
  2. Projects (Bible study helps, both media and printed; larger Bible warehouse).
  3. Full support for Harold Ralph Gilmer.
  4. Functional alphabetization groups.
  5. Relief from Brazil’s ongoing Covid 19 crisis.
  6. Successful deputation for Roxanne

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