Marlon and Kareen Jumawan: January 2022 Prayer Letter

Marlon and Kareen Jumawan – Missionary and Church Planter in Philippines

Dear Praying Friends,

We were hit by a super typhoon last December 16. Even though there were much damaged–roofs gone, trees on top of houses, trees blocking roads and access to houses, fallen electrical posts and communication towers were destroyed, and debris everywhere, our church continued according as scheduled. The church has 400+ children in our outreach and most of them have lost their homes. We need prayer here since Cebu is yet far from being normal. No electricity in most areas including our area, water in most areas is scarce, but the local government is working hard to restore the basic needs. Internet connection and phone signal are still slow and mostly none at all.

Through God’s mercies and grace the church did not stop the vital ministries although some of the members also sustained heavy damages on their houses and some totally lost all.

It is hard for us to send our proper prayer letter because of the Internet connection problem and no electricity.

God bless,
Bro. Marlon

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