Manuel and Reina Diaz : November 2022 Prayer Letter

Manuel and Reina Diaz – Church Planter in Equatorial Guinea, Africa


“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” John 17:3

It is a blessing to inform you about the blessings that God is pouring in this part of the world, it is a privilege to serve de King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Very little is seen of the Christmas festivity in the city, people only see it as a normal celebration and, as in other places, it is more commercial than Biblical, but it is a good opportunity to share the good news of salvation.

At the Mount Abarim Educational Center, we finished with the organization of the lists of enrolled children, many of them came to classes until this month, although classes began in October, due to the lack of work of their parents they were enroll late.

The brethren Héctor and Graciela started the ministry of giving the children milk and bread every day, they have been a great blessing.

We also celebrated Teacher’s Day by having a small party with them, in gratitude for their support in teaching the children. This month there was a lot of document control for foreigners, due to the presidential elections held on November 20, until now we cannot go out freely, without looking out for the soldiers who walk in the neighborhoods. Pray for us, that the Lord will allow some freedom for us to go out and carry on with our normal activities and church ministries without any problem.

Even so, the church activities continue, the Sunday school, Sunday and Thursday services, classes for children, youth and adults. Please continue praying for us that the Lord continue to blessing us and protecting us from dangers and diseases.

The Ministry of Justice and Cult has not responded to our request for permanence, we processed it in another ministry and there is still no response, despite the fact that we have already paid and handed over all the documents that have been requested, please pray for this so that it will be given to us. Our trust is in the Lord, although the situation is very difficult to be able to remain in this place, God is in control, we will continue reaping spiritual fruit and preaching the Word of God to everyone
who wants to listen.

God is good to us, protecting us from serious diseases, I recently got typhoid, but with the treatment I was able to get well, thank God.

We thank each one of you for your prayers and financial support for the work that is carried out in this place, it strengthens us and allows us to continue forward, your effort is not in vain, spiritual fruit is being added to your heavenly account.

Let us remain faithful until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Greetings and until next time.

We take this opportunity to wish you Happy Holidays and New Year 2023. (Nfefeiñ Mbú 2023)

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