Manuel and Reina Diaz : February 2023 Prayer Letter

Manuel and Reina Diaz – Church Planter in Equatorial Guinea, Africa


“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost;” Matthew 28:19

Thank God we have reached the end of another month, in which, as always, the faithfulness of our God continues to be manifested in the care He has for us, protecting us from dangers, taking care of us from diseases, supplying every need, and providing each one of the needs of His work in this place.

We want to share with you His blessings and encourage you to continue forward showing God’s justice and the way He has provided salvation to everyone willing to accept His provision. As missionaries in this place, we have never seen so many changes in people’s lives, as much as intellectually, spiritually, and
economically, all these needs have caused people to seek a way to satisfy each one of them.

The economic situation is increasingly difficult for the people and in the same way for the brethren of the church, this interferes in everything else, since some of them have to travel to other places to carry out their work, so they can support their families.

The saddest thing is that people do not want to know of God, who they sometimes blame for what is happening in this place and the world, without understanding that God himself is giving them the opportunity to know or to return to Him.

Thank God at the end of the month He blessed us with 8 brethren obeying the Lord in baptism, showing their desire to begin serving the Lord. We ask you to pray for the baptized brethren, that God may help them to grow spiritually and in knowledge.

On the other hand, Church activities such as Sunday school classes, youth meetings and services continue, God is blessing the children, youth and adults. In our soul winning time, God has blessed us with people being saved and visitors in our Sunday services, the Lord is faithful giving fruit to the work of those who go out to announce his Gospel. Pray for the brethren of the Church.

The activities at the “Mount Abarim Educational Center” continue forward, although because of the economy not many can cover the education expenses of their children such as: books, notebooks, pencils, pens, uniforms, their enrollment fee, etc. we do everything we can to help them, but sometimes is not enough. This month we heard the news about a viral infection at the border with Cameroon, where many people died due to this, it was identified as Marburg virus, a highly contagious disease like Ebola, the borders were closed and an entire district was placed in quarantine, however, people don’t take it seriously and think it’s caused by witchcraft, not taking appropriate action. We ask for your prayers so that God protects us and keeps us, there are news that there are already infected people in the city of Bata where we reside.

We thank your prayer and economical support towards the work of God in this place, thank you for your generosity by giving beyond your possibilities, your effort and sacrifice is not in vain. God will reward your love towards the lost souls in this part of the world. Let us continue faithful. God bless you.

Greetings and until next time.

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