Becky Patterson and the Bethesda Homes – May 2024 Newsletter

Mrs. Becky Patterson – Missionary to Mexico
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Tlapa, Mexico

April was an exciting month at Bethesda! Children’s Day on April 30 is a big holiday in Mexico. It is as celebrated as Mother’s Day in the US, and maybe more so. Between the children’s home and the church, the children enjoyed four days of festivities. One day we took them to the farm and they were able to swim in the river. They enjoyed picking fresh fruit from the trees and flying kites. I love to see happy children, and they were happy!

Bethesda’s library is open! After many months of acquiring books, cataloguing the books, building bookshelves, painting, building tables, adding two new windows to the room, hanging curtains, and finding comfortable and durable chairs, the library is officially open for use. The students and teachers are delighted. One teacher told me her students did not want to leave when it came time to leave. They wanted to know when they could spend another hour looking at books. I am so happy! That is exactly the way I want them to feel!

As we finish the school year, please pray for the salvation of any children who may not be saved yet. Please pray that every child who is saved will know how to lead their loved ones to Jesus. Pray they will have the boldness of the Holy Spirit to share their faith unashamedly.

Pray also for the teachers and workers. They are tired. Our work at the children’s home is 24/7. There is never a day off until the children go back to the mountains. Please pray we can finish the semester well and with the joy of the Lord in our souls. Thank you for holding us up in prayer. Thank you for your faithful financial support. You truly bless us!

For the love of Christ,

Becky Patterson
Psalm 46:10,11

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