Rev. & Mrs. Juan Alvarez – Basque, Spain


Alvarez 1The Juan Alvarez – Missionary Family

Church: We thank God for a marvelous year in our church. Now, our greatest problem is the lack of space. We are praying for a new building for our congregation. We are sure that when the Lord gives it to us, the church ministry will face a whole new level in every way. Our prayers, and I trust you are praying with us as well, are for the Lord to give us the resources and also to lead us to the right place. Although we live in difficult times, we know that God’s purposes are greater and that there is nothing that can stop our God in His perfect plan.

Aierdi: God has poured out one more year of great blessings in Aierdi, (the farmhouse that He gave us over 12 years ago and that we use for camps, retreats, conferences, etc). Perhaps, the most outstanding blessings are the new water systems, the two new buildings, the diverse upgrades in the interior such as the new staircase, new bunk-beds for the dorms, and cabinets for the dining room among others. Different groups of believers, who have come from different churches in the States, have helped with each part of these projects.

One of the most awaited activities during the year is the Missionary Teen Retreat. This year was the 9th; and once again, God worked powerfully in all the ones that attended. This year, we had 23 MTs who came from Romania, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, and, of course, Spain. This coming year, God willing, we will have our first retreat for pastors and missionaries. It will very possibly be the first of its kind in Spain. Please, pray that the Name of the Lord will be honored and that many servants will be encouraged.

 Christmas Project: Every year, we place a Christmas card in every home in our area, that is a total of 18,000 homes that will receive a clear presentation of the Gospel again this holiday season.

 Alvarez 2

Prayer requests: Please pray for a new building for the church. Pray for guidance and direction from the Lord to face the new challenges in our growing ministry. Our car needs urgent repairs. We are asking God for provision to take it to the mechanic.

Thank you for your prayers. We trust the Lord will provide for each one of our needs in His perfect time.

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