Juan and Teté Alvarez : 2023 Annual Report (January 2024)

The Alvarez Family – Missionary in the Basque Country, Spain

Annual Report 2023

One more year we have witnessed the grace and power of God in our ministry. Living Hope Baptist Church, the first Baptist church in the history of our region, continues to grow. Souls have been saved, new believers have been baptized and lives have been transformed. This year we have had services with over 100 attendees, and almost every Sunday we have had visitors listening to the Gospel. It has been exciting to see how the Lord continues to work in a place where many believe it is impossible. We also thank God for a good year in Aierdi, the camp that the Lord gave us for His work in the Basque Country. This year we have carried out retreats for pastors and workers, apologetics, for missionary kids and activities for the people of the church. we cannot thank God enough for giving us the privilege of serving Him in this part of the world. It is a privilege to serve our Lord!

Enlace Misionero is our training ministry for Hispanic missionaries. In 2023 we held our first conference, which was in Ecuador. 45 pastors attended with their families, in total each night we were more than 300 brothers and sisters who enjoyed the teaching and were challenged to continue with our work.

Please Pray for us!

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