Bill Patterson: January 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends:


Across the room from where I am sitting, Dashka is completing his revision work on the Gospel of Luke, and Sambuu is reformatting the quotes in the Gospel of John.  Although this room is simply-furnished and somewhat drab, the exciting work that goes on here is a huge blessing.  My prayer is that an entire group of people would be affected by what we are doing here.  For that to happen, it will take a miracle from the same God that used David’s slung stone to kill the giant.  We believe God has the power!

Christmas Visitors:  We thank the Lord for the seventeen first-time visitors that came to our church services during this last month.  Many heard the Gospel for the very first time.  Recently, a lady wanted to come by taxi, but did not know the address or any specifics about reaching the church.  When she told the dispatcher that she wanted to go to Faith Baptist Church, he said: “Why, of course we know where that church is!”  What a blessing!

Mongolian Translation Update:  Three weeks ago, our translation team hosted the FirstBible Mongolia printshop staff for a Christmas party.  Oyumaa, Sambuu, Dashka, and I enjoyed the food and fellowship with our brethren that help print and distribute the work we have translated.  They have also printed many other tracts, children’s Sunday school books, and discipleship materials.  The lady with the white headband is our accountant.  Please pray that God would help all of us to honor Him through our work.


In Christ’s love,
Bill Patterson

PS:  Thank you for praying for our family.  Several times in the last month, we have been threatened by drunks who desperately need God’s gift of salvation.  Through it all, the Lord has kept us safe.

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