Josephina McCoy: January 2013 Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Friends:


After my husband passed away last year, I was required to stay in the United States to settle some immigration papers to be able to travel freely between Mexico and the United States.  The Lord worked miracles and we now have the documents we were waiting for.

As a result, the children and I spent several months in Mexico, working in the ministry my husband started many years ago.  I had the opportunity to visit many of the mountain mission churches established by my husband and continued forward by the Bible Institute students he trained, who are now seasoned pastors.

Besides providing for me and my children, your financial support has continued to serve as a work fund enabling five pastors to serve full-time, ministering to congregations in thirty villages.  In 2012, we saw over one hundred souls saved!  Praise the Lord!  

Here are a few recent updates:

  • In Calpanapa, a married couple and three other individuals were saved.
  • Five were saved in Scuastuti, a new mission church started in 2012.
  • Three families saved in Santa Cruz.
  • Six saved in Alcamani.
  • Three saved in Zilacayotitlan.

Please pray for our safety as we travel the roads of Mexico.  Also, please pray that the Lord will provide additional funding for four other students that want to serve in the ministry full-time.  We look forward to seeing many souls saved as our ministry continues forward in 2013.


Yours in Christ,
Josefina McCoy, Abdiel, David and Josiah McCoy

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