Bethesda Children’s Homes: January 2013 Prayer Letter

mike and becky patterson

Please Prayerfully Consider the following 2013 needs for the Bethesda Children’s Homes:

  1. Monthly Support:  At present, we have 140 children.  We have kept our suggested support level at $75 per month for seventeen years, but with inflation and the falling dollar, our studies have placed their minimum basic support is $100 per month each.  Right now, we have about 30 unsupported children through additions to the homes and dropped support.  It was double that amount earlier in the fall, but one couple has promised support for nearly half of what was lacking.  Need:  Support at $100 per month for 30.
  2. Staff Salaries:  All of our staff has graduated from Bible Colleges.  Half have University degrees as well, and all are sacrificing to serve.  A Registered Nurse was added who works full-time with the medical clinic and a recent university physical education director (both are graduates from the homes).  A new couple is now leading the girl’s homes.  Combined monthly salaries for the staff total a little over $6,000 per month.  Over half (or $3,500) is presently out of budget.
  3. Special Meals:  Children’s day, Easter, Graduation – $1,000 each
  4. Christmas:  We provide a special meal, piñatas, and gifts.  By Mexican law, a double salary is paid for the entire staff.  The cost for all of this was about $5,000 this year.
  5. Building Project:  We have built an office and teaching/conference room this year.  The anticipated cost of $12,000 was generously supplied by one of our faithful supporters.  With incredible price increases in both materials and labor, coupled with a drop in our dollar parity, we have already spent about $22,000.  We have a $10,000 deficit that Becky and I have temporarily covered to keep from stopping the work.  It is now finished with the exception of air-conditioning and furnishings.
  6. Need:  $10,000 for building deficit, $3,000 for air conditioning, and about $5,000 for the furnishings.
  7. August Reunion:  This year’s reunion cost about $4,000 for the three-day event.  About 700 attended the event and many life changing decisions were made.  You will receive a DVD report on this historic meeting.
  8. Staff Retreat:  For three years we have hosted a three-day retreat in Acapulco with R & R for our faithful staff in Tlapa, as well as the Cuernavaca Mission Office.  The cost of this year’s meeting was about $3,500 for hotels, meals, travel, etc.  We spend hours in the morning and evening in staff training.  (This year’s theme was Leadership and Principles for Making Disciples.)  This may be the most important thing we do each year.  I would like to add an extra day in 2013.   Need:  $4,500
  9. Uniforms:  We need about $50 per child each year for uniforms.  We currently have 140 children.

Mike Patterson
Childrens Home

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