Bill Patterson: June 2013 Prayer Letter

Billy and Marcy Patterson, Missionaries to Mongolia


Dear Praying Friends:


One of the greatest joys of the Christian life is leading a soul to Christ. Four days ago, I shared the Gospel with nine different people during an afternoon of soulwinning. Two ladies accepted Christ as their Savior. By God’s grace, we were able to give their names and addresses to a local church that will visit them.

God’s Provision  When we started out on this trip, we thought we knew what source God was going to use to provide for the tickets. We had purchased them before we actually had the money in hand to pay for them. At one church, a young lady emptied her wallet and gave us all she had! Through the sacrifices of God’s people, all of our travel expenses have been completely covered.

Special Translation Report  In just a few days, we hope to finish the initial translation of the New Testament. Although we still have MUCH work to be done, this is a HUGE milestone, and we are REJOICING!!! Please pray for Oyumaa as she travels from Tennessee back to Mongolia in two weeks, and then for Sambuu and Dashka as they continue their work.

Family Update  The Lord allowed us to receive yet another favorable report on Marcy … after six years, the cancer has not returned! Provision has come in to take care of the children’s school materials for this next year. This will be Heather’s last year at home, and although we will miss her terribly once she goes to college, she is doing well in school, and we are proud of her. Ryan and Tricia are also a great joy, and we are so grateful for God’s working in all their lives. Please pray for our niece, Valerie Gibson, who at age three has a ruptured appendix. Please do keep all our family in your prayers.


In Christ’s love,
Bill Patterson

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