Mike Patterson: August 2013 Prayer Letter


Dear Ones:


Thank you for being our prayer partners.  My recent heart attack has underscored the absolute dependence we have on the Lord.  I have no question that your prayers made a difference.  I am still weak, but have now started cardiac rehab which should help me regain my strength.

The Staff Retreat and Bethesda Alumni Reunion

As I write, our son and his family, as well as the staffs from both the Homes and our Mexican office are enroute to Acapulco.  This is a brief time of R&R for our hard working staff and spiritual preparation for the new school year.  Bill took my place, since I am still weak and now in cardiac rehab.  International travel is prohibited until mid-October.

A Group of Twenty to Visit Tlapa Next Week 

A group of 18 delegates will accompany their Pastor, Neal Jackson, from North Carolina to serve in the reunion.  A bi-lingual father and son team from the Worth Baptist Church is joining to help with translation.


Many are asking when our book will be available.  It is now in the final stages of editing.  We hope to have it out by the end of the year.  This has been a labor of love and reflection upon 40 years serving in Mexico.

My Future in the Ministry of Mt. Abarim Baptist Mission

It has been my joy to lead the mission since Dr. McCoy’s home going in 1996.  I have NO PLANS TO RETIRE OR RETREAT, but after my recent near fatal heart attack there will be some changes.  We cannot live in the mile high altitude of Cuernavaca, but will spend our time in Mexico in our little apartment in Tlapa.  It is half the altitude and we are needed to train a new generation of champions for the cause of Christ.  As the Lord allows, I will expand my writing ministry as well.

A Twenty-First Century Aaron and Hur

I have asked two young and very gifted men to take my place as President and General Director.  I have held both titles since 1996 when Dr. McCoy graduated.  We then had eight affiliate missionary families in two countries and one office.  Today there are well over 100 families in thirty plus countries.  We have offices in the USA, Mexico, Africa and Mongolia to serve our missionaries.  Bill Patterson has been asked to serve as President and Steve Volante as General Director.  Final approval for these men will be made by the Executive and Advisory Committees.  They are ready for this challenge.


In His love,
Mike Patterson


PS:  Laura is weeping her way to Christ in the bottom left photo  Our ministry has won multiple thousands but each was saved just like Laura.


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