Tom Gilmer: January 2014 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends of Zion:

Thank you for your continued prayers and offerings.

Here, in the letterhead, is the long-awaited picture of Linda and me, made on her birthday, October 22.  The photographer wanted to retouch the photo, opening our right eyes a little more, but I insisted I wanted you, who pray and give, to see us just as we are. Let us know if and how to send the photo to you by email so you may print the size you need. Or request the size photo you would like for us to mail to you.


Our family reunion at Christmas became a reality, bringing together our children and grandchildren, 23 in all.  As a special treat, most of Linda’s family  in the DFW area got together at her brother David’s house, and the Buffington side of Tom’s family had a reunion in Gainesville, GA, where he grew up.

SPECIAL NEEDS: 1.) Fifty sponsors to give $240 each to help 50 Brazilian pastors and their wives from smaller, newer churches, attend the July 2014 Conference on “Church Growth by Soul Winning and Discipleship” to be held in Rondônia, in Brazil’s far west, with Dr. David Teis as the main speaker.

2) Officially registered English school that can issue I-20 documents, located near a sound, Bible-preaching church that would like to help Brazilian Greek Professor Francisco Assis Nogueira and his young wife saturate themselves in English for 3 to 6 months . While in the States, they would like to involve themselves in the fellowship and ministry of a local church.  Francisco teaches Greek at the University of São Paulo, as he pursues a doctorate in Greek.  The university wants him to become fluent enough in English so they can send him to study one year at Cambridge University in England  in fulfillment of a requirement for his doctoral studies.  He is preparing to help us start a post graduate school for Bible translators that will be qualified to grant officially recognized degrees in Bible and Bible languages.  Thank you so much for your prayers and any suggestions you can give.

Yours for the Messiah,
Tom and Linda Gilmer


1.  Successful trip to the USA. Our hearts were broken, however that there were no decisions for salvation in personal witness or in services in which we participated, but. . .
2. We rejoiced that eleven were baptized in two of our churches in December.
3. Thank God for many opportunities for sowing seed and even watering, but we are praying for a HARVEST this month!
4. Final report of 2013 for the Woman’s Bible shows that Avon ladies sold 60,440, and another 15,589 went out through bookstores and churches, making a total of 76,029.  This is the Almeida-Corrigida-Fiel Portuguese Bible text with notes especially for women.


1. Salvation of Jews and Gentiles—now!
2. Bible study helps preparation.
3. Churches: New and expansions of existing ones.
4. “Church Growth by Soul Winning and Discipleship” Conference with Dr. David Teis in Brazil, July 2014; sponsors for needy pastors and wives to attend.
5. Warehouse to be owned by Trinitarian Bible Society of Brazil or Brazilian Bearing Precious Seed group (“Levando a Preciosa Semente”).
6. Bone marrow transplant this month for Professor David Corrêa of the Academy for the Study of Bible Prophets.
7. English school and church for Professor Francisco Assis Nogueira (see letter above).

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