Bill Patterson: February 2014 Prayer Letter

bill patterson

Dear Praying Friends:


The recent theme of the Mount Abarim Conference for World Evangelism was “Partnering to Proclaim the Truth.” We are so grateful to have partners like you that keep us before the Throne of our Lord. Only through His power can we accomplish the great task that He has set before us.

New Responsibility:  On January 20, I became the third president of the Mount Abarim Baptist Mission, following in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. Although we have accepted this role as God’s will for our life, it is humbling that we would be chosen to lead the mission. Please pray for us as we help over one hundred and seventy families in thirty-five countries, of which forty-two families on five continents are directly affiliated with Mount Abarim.

Mongolia Trip:  Our family will be in Mongolia by the time you read this letter. In addition to working on our Bible translation, while there, we will turn the English church over to our coworker, Bro. Jason Ritchie. In early March, we will return to the US with Oyumaa for her needed medical treatment and resume our translation work here. We still hope to finish the New Testament this year.

Special Need:  Please pray with us about our need of a good means of transportation as we travel within the United States. We would like to purchase a reliable minivan. With three children being homeschooled, we need something that is big enough to take care of our needs on the road. Although we plan to sell our truck in Mongolia, we still need about $15,000. Thank you for praying!

Your servant in the Lord,


Bill Patterson

Psalm 27:13-14

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