Mike and Becky Patterson

September 2016 Prayer Letter

Mike Patterson: September 2016 Prayer Letter

Dear Ones:

We are back in Mexico. I must thank all of you who have prayed for my health.  I am doing better than I have in years.  My heart is normal even at these high altitudes.  God has touched me.

The reunion in Tlapa was a joy. I have no idea how many attended but it was a record. 128 mountain families registered and many were large. We fed a multitude. The preaching, singing and testimonies were a foretaste of Heaven. The Mountain pastors all lead multiple congregations…one pastor’s eight. Many were saved and several surrendered for full time service. The spirit among the 152 children is just precious. Our Christian school is bursting at the seams. Soon I will be sharing building plans.

We are in Cuernavaca to help with the audit for this year that began today but I will be preaching in Tlapa next Sunday. These days have been joyfully busy and I fall asleep quickly each night.

It is a joy to report that our medical expenses have all been paid. God has been gracious to his servants. You have been wonderful in sharing our burdens and praying for us.

We now have the funds in hand for the uniforms. Special gifts from the Worth Baptist Church, Boulevard Baptist and Oak Grove Baptist Church VBS offerings made this miracle possible. Thanks to the Bethesda Centurion Club we have already ordered and paid the first quarter of school materials. Continue prayer with me for the last 50 monthly sponsors we need at $25 each to fully fund the Christian school.

Some graduated last year and others had to go back to the mountains to help with farming but we still have the largest group ever in the homes. We have so many young boys and girls who are just now learning to speak Spanish. All they have known is their dialect. Pray for them as they learn to speak the mother tongue of Mexico. It is a daunting task.

In His love,
Mike Patterson

P.S. I will be preaching somewhere every service. Bill will join us the first few days of October and the two of us will preach the thirty-second anniversary of the Mount Abarim Baptist Church which we started in our home. When not preaching I will be working in the reorganization of the Mexican office and in staff training.  It is a heavy load and I appreciate your prayers.

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