Mike and Becky Patterson

June 2017 Prayer Letter

Mike Patterson: June 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Ones,

Thank you for being our praying friends. The reports from Tlapa are heartwarming. In answer to prayer, God is sending revival both in the homes and church. Sin had to be purged but now the breath of the Holy Spirit is sweetly blowing on the ministries. In many ways, this all began at our August staff retreat last year. We will be hosting this again in a few weeks. The school building, final of three construction projects for this year, will soon be under roof. We will need another $10,000 to complete this project.

Thankful for your prayers for my cancer

An endoscopy revealed that cancer has reappeared in my duodenum and I will be facing another more invasive surgery in a few days. Further treatment will be determined after healing from the surgery.

Whether from the cancer or the celiac disease I continue to lose weight which has actually helped my heart issues. God is good!

Flood in our Texas home

Our washing machine caused major flooding last Sunday morning. Becky put a load in before church and the fill switch failed. For the next three hours, hot water poured on our floors. Five rooms were flooded, baseboard and carpets are ruined, our beautiful Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor in our dining room is history. (The high-end hardwood flooring was a gift from dear friends in California and Becky wept when she saw it…I felt like joining her.)

In His love,
Mike Patterson

P.S. Becky had two cataract surgeries, I have had multiple scans and cancer surgery. More is still ahead. Our medical expense even with insurance has been staggering. Our home owner’s insurance does cover the water damage. We do have a hefty deductible and a $3500 “depreciation” charge but God has promised to meet these needs. Still we need your prayers for our health and these financial needs.

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