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May 2018 Prayer Letter

Bill Patterson: May 2018 Prayer Letter

There are times in ministry where you wish you could write a book instead of a prayer letter, just to tell of all that God has recently done in and through your life. Sometimes now, when I find myself alone, tears fill my eyes as I reminisce on the privilege of serving our Lord. While in Ecuador, the Lord gave us opportunities that exceeded all expectations, and God’s blessings continue to amaze us.

In the small village of Chichira, surrounded by the Amazon jungle and tropical rainforest, our guide and new friend was late by several hours to meet us. He was to take us out to the Bobonaza River, so that we could take a boat toward the border with Peru and the village of Tinkias. While waiting, we asked permission to preach to the schoolchildren that were in the village. Since our small plane had totally disrupted their school day, the headmaster shrugged his consent.

For almost two hours, we preached the Gospel. First, in Spanish to confused looks, and then translated into the Shuar language that they understood. A young man named Moises became our translator. An hour after our meeting, once school had let out for the day, Moises came back and asked how he could be just like me, pointing at me. Missionary Victor Gallo first led him to Christ, and then explained baptism. Still, Moises was not satisfied. He then asked me directly, “How can I be just like you?”

When I asked Moises to explain what he meant, he answered with this story: “When I was five years old, a man like you came to my village. He tried to teach us from that book, but we could not understand him. We were very sad that we could not understand, because he acted like it was a very important book. I decided many years ago that, once I learned Spanish and could finish school, I would find someone who knows that book, and ask them to teach me, so that I could go back and teach my people.” Praise God for The Book!

Imagine the joy of telling Moises that Bro. Gallo is starting a school in August to train young men and ladies for the ministry! He was baptized the next day, and is preparing to begin his Bible studies. Thank you for making it possible for me to take the Gospel to Moises, and for your part in our service to the Lord!

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