Tom and Linda Gilmer

October 2018 Prayer Letter

Tom Gilmer: October 2018 Prayer Letter

Dear Friends of Zion:

Your prayers and offerings have kept us going! THANK YOU ALL who have prayed and given.

Normally in our prayer letters we mention only activities of the previous month, but we must share what happened on Tuesday evening, October 2. Someone broke into our car as we were parked for a few minutes in the covered, guarded parking garage of a major grocery store and shopping area. My briefcase, containing two phones, my datebook and address book, and other items, was stolen. We had to register a police report. The two phones with chips have been blocked, including one with our USA-based number. We can still be reached by Skype number 1(817)385-6902. (Later the USA chip will be reactivated.) Several folders with information on some ongoing projects, as well as notes for our October prayer letter, were taken. I cannot reconstruct all from memory but will try to give the highlights.

We made our first long car trip to the interior since my spinal surgeries at the end of 2016 and first part of 2017. Praise the Lord, I passed the test with flying colors! Rom Ribeiro, our son-in-law, took me to visit our second church, located in Cajuru, We found the pastor discouraged, working full time with no salary because all of the church’s income is applied to supporting 17 missionaries. We gave him advice on how to restructure the church’s finances and missions program. I will accompany the situation by telephone, and Rom, who is only an hour away, will also work with him. I promised to cover the cost of an evangelistic revival meeting, such as flyers, hosting an evangelist, etc. to attract newcomers and boost the church’s growth.

The most upright, conservative Brazilian presidential candidate won a majority of votes in an 8-way race, just short of sufficient to be elected. Barring some unforeseen problem, he should win the runoff election on October 28. He will be running against a liberal who supports everything we as Christians oppose! Please pray for him, including his health. He is recovering from being stabbed in the stomach recently on the campaign trail. On the bright side, our most liberal Brazilian Supreme Court judge wrote two extremely conservative newspaper articles in recent days.

May God richly bless you all.

Yours for the Messiah,
Tom and Linda Gilmer


  1. Professions of faith: 4.
  2. The most upright Brazilian presidential candidate won most votes in primary election. Runoff scheduled for October 28.
  3. Our most liberal Brazilian Supreme Court judge wrote two very conservative articles recently.


  1. Salvation of Jews and Gentiles.
  2. Ongoing projects (Bible study helps, media outlets, and warehouse for Bibles).
  3. Editorial work on the History of the Portuguese Bible (A História de a Bíblia Sagrada em Port.)
  4. Brazilian government; presidential election.
  5. Elisabeth Hammond, one of our granddaughters, going to China this month. Pray for distribution of BBNRadio invitation cards in Chinese.
  6. Restructuring of missions and plans for revival at Cajuru church.

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