Edgar and Natalia Acosta – January 2021 Prayer Letter

Edgar and Natalia Acosta – Church Planter in Nicaragua

It is a great blessing to serve the Lord through your love and sacrifice as you faithfully serve the Lord in taking the Gospel to all nations. It is an honor and a privilege to represent you in Nicaragua and see souls saved and lives changed as fruit abounding to your account.

This past year has been unusual for everyone. Governments have taken vastly different measures regarding COVID. Some of us were forced to return to our native countries as borders closed. We praise God that we are now back with our people at the Mount Abarim Baptist Church, a church which the Lord allowed us to start and pastor for the past five years. By God’s grace, all of our people are doing well, although December was rather difficult with the passing of our brother, Elmer Guillen. The Hope of Glory sustains us, but there is an empty place in the hearts of his family members and in my heart as well. Please do pray for his family.

The church continues faithful by God’s grace, and we are ready to continue with the many plans we have for this next year. We are praying and planning for the Gospel to be greatly extended.

The pictures that you can see on either side of this page are of the services in the new location which we adapted to use as a meeting place for the Mount Abarim Baptist Church. I am emphasizing the name because I would like to point something out to you.

One month ago, I accepted the challenge and responsibility, guided by the Lord and after a long time in prayer, to accept the pastorate of a second church, a church that had been without a pastor for over one year. There were many challenges and difficulties which I will not go into, but the lay leaders of the church were faithful and did not allow it to disband.

I would ask that you pray for this dear church to which I have determined to give my heart and every effort in serving our God. This is the Mount Zion Baptist Church.

The brethren are very happy to have a pastor, and I am happy, too. We have much work and responsibility to lead these two churches, in addition to helping out with a Bible Institute training workers for the harvest.

I am grateful for all the support you give us in holding our rope as we
preach the Gospel.