The Alvarez Family: 2020 Annual Report

The Alvarez Family – Missionary in the Basque Country   

Without a doubt, the year 2020 has been a year that will go down in history
for all the changes and challenges that it has brought to humanity, including
the Lord’s work and His impact in the world.

But we know that despite all these changes and challenges, the work of our
Lord continues without stopping, because it does not depend on men or

The work in the Basque Country has kept on going. We have had to adapt our services and, like the vast majority of churches in the world, we have
used the internet to continue preaching the Word of the Lord to our people.
As the Bible says: the Word of God is not bound (2 Timothy 2: 9).

The people of our church continue to be fed spiritually. We have held
meetings with a limited number of attendees due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities, but the spirit is always sweet and the joy of seeing each other is great. Through the various social networks we have had activities for children, youth, couples, etc. and it is always of great encouragement to see the good response of our brethren.

It was difficult having to cancel all the activities in Aierdi: the retreats, the
intensive Bible institutes, the activities with the church, etc. We trust in the
Lord that this year we will be able to carry them out, since they are a great
blessing and help to the believers who attend.

Thank God, despite the restrictions we were able to do a great reform work
in our church building. We built new rooms and adapted the second floor to
be able to use it for more activities and for the benefit of our congregation.
We had to comply with many demands from the authorities and the
construction was much more expensive than we expected, but thank God it
turned out beautifully and the brethren are very happy with the results.

So despite the circumstances, the work has kept going as the Lord continues
building His church, and providing for its growth and benefit. Times are
difficult and there is a lot of uncertainty, for which we pray to the Lord to
give us wisdom to continue carrying out our work. We ask for your prayers,
we want to fulfill the will of our Lord. I believe that very soon He will come
for His church and we want to be found faithful!

Steadfast and onward,
Juan, Tete, and Andrea Alvarez
Missionaries to the Basque Country, Spain

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