Josefina McCoy: September 2021 Report

Josefina McCoy – Missionaries to the Indigenous Tribes of Mexico

Dear Supporting Churches, Brethren, Friends, and Family,

God has been so good to us and has blessed us. Abdiel has begun college at Tarrant County College. David and Joselito have now returned to their classes. Joselito is fourteen, David is seventeen, and Abdiel has just turned twenty. They are so big! My husband would have been very happy to see them be the great blessing that they are to me as God is using them.

Since June, David and I had been in Mexico doing various things, while Abdiel and Josiah had to stay in the US for work and college. This summer, the pastors had the opportunity to have a pastor’s get together on July 30th. We were unable to attend and missed them so much. They had a time of fellowship. Pastor Sergio Tapia and his wife were able to accompany them. The pastors and their families have a fire for God. Their churches are growing. They are willing to go through hardships in their villages and with their families just to keep preaching and spreading the Gospel. Some have started teaching music so that they can even have an orchestra and choirs! God is working in their lives and souls are being saved.

We were able to give Pastor Jose Prado boxes with Bibles. He graduated from the Bible College in San Luis Potosi and he has a soul on fire for God and his precious wife and kids have supported him and they are working together to help the church. The village of Metlatonoc needs the Gospel. Religious customs and parties are a hard thing to get through, but we know that the Word of God is stronger than anything else. Nothing can go against it. We were able to visit Pastor Alex and his family to catch up with them on how the ministry was going and we were able to explore some parts of the mountains with him. Pastor Alex and his wife are young. They have a baby, and the ministry is showing a lot of fruit. It is growing and is one of the first churches in the mountains to have an orchestra and choir full of teens who are willing to serve Christ and magnify His name.

Would you please continue praying for the pastors in the mountains? They have many needs and could really use your prayers. They are working hard despite the pandemic and are still going 100%. Their families are strong, and the churches are growing. Souls are being saved, and people are either returning to God or willing to give their lives to Him. Thank you so much for your support and your help. Please feel free to contact us and God bless you all!

With love in Christ,
Josefina, Abdiel, David, and Josiah McCoy

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