Becky Patterson and the Bethesda Homes -July 2023 Newsletter

Mrs. Becky Patterson – Missionary to Mexico
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Tlapa, Mexico

Dear Pastor and Friends,

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. “III John verse 4. As I have mentioned before, it is a privilege to have been a missionary kid since age five, a missionary wife for forty-seven years, and now, by the grace of God, a missionary widow for a year and a half. It has been amazing to watch God bless and prosper. The early years were difficult trying to get ministries started, but what a blessing now to see that it was definitely worth any sacrifices made.

A Couple of weeks ago, I was able to visit Plan de Guadalupe and Zilocayotitlan, two villages where my husband Mike Patterson and brother Lyle McCoy visited in the 70’s and missions were started. During those days, the only way to get there was traveling many hours on horseback. In Mike’s book ” My People” he mentioned the story of a green snake. That happened on one of those trips.

On Mike’s first trip to Plan de Guadalupe, he was asked to pick out a place to build a small church building. He found a level spot, placed four rocks for the four corners of the church, and a month later they returned to dedicate an adobe church building. A group of men from Gilead Baptist Church in Macon, GA, were on that second and very memorable trip for all of them. Many people were saved. God is good!

While my husband and I became very involved with other ministries in Tepoztlan and Cuernavaca, my brother Lyle McCoy worked tirelessly with pastors he had trained to start churches in many mountain villages. It was so encouraging to see that what was started fifty years ago, is continuing strong today. It was thrilling to see how these pastors have remained faithful after my brother’s death in 2011. They have even built new buildings to accommodate their growing churches. God is so good!

Please pray for Zilocayotitlan’s Pastor Juan Guzman’s son Ulises. Ulises graduated from Bible school a couple of years ago and was preaching, helping his father with the church and other missions they have started. A couple of weeks ago, Ulises, who is in his twenties, was diagnosed with cancer. He needs a miracle. Please keep him in your prayer.

At a graduation party at the Bethesda Children’s Homes, I encouraged the children to ask their parents for permission to read Bible and pray together as a family. After graduation, I was able to lead a couple, parents of some of the children, to the Lord. When we finished praying, the man asked me, “Now what” How do we continue learning?” It broke my heart! I told him he had three sons who had been in the Homes all year. I encouraged him to ask them to read the Bible to their family, sing songs, and pray. (He and his wife do not know how to read.). He said he would. Who knows? That might be the beginning of another mountain church! Please pray! God is able!

In Calvary’s love,

Becky Patterson

Paslm 2:8

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