Tom and Linda Gilmer : 2023 Annual Report (January 2024 Prayer Letter)

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Gilmer – Church Planter, Bible Translation in São Paulo, Brazil

Dear Friends for Zion:

With this January 2024 Prayer Letter/2023 Annual Report, Linda and I thank you for another year of prayers and offerings that keep our ministries expanding,

PRAISE for the results of 2023:

  1. PROFESSIONS OF FAITH: 1 Jew, 221 Gentiles.
    • New building for Templo Batista de Indianapolis (TBI) Church and Day School to be finished and dedicated in August, financed with funds from exchanging the old property for the new location.
    • Success in responding to the emergency request of the Parque Bristol Baptist Church which had been abandoned, in debt, by its former pastor. Our first church had a man ready to be ordained and available to assume the pastorate. We and other churches, who had known BIMI Missionary Clifford New, the founder (now with the Lord), helped with immediate aid. A plan of longer- range help for the church has been formulated.
    • Amigos para Siao (Friends for Zion) groups continue to be maintained in Brazil and Portugal.
    • Pastor Alexandre Dutra, president of our Brazilian Jewish Ministry, published his second book, entitled ENCONTROS NOTAVEIS COM JESUS (NOTABLE ENCOUNTERS WITH JESUS).
    • Pastor Ricardo Marques Brito, who was trained in our Academy for the Study of Bible Prophets, carries forward his call through his own ministry to Muslims, Luz para o Oriente (Light of the Orient). Muslims who get saved become friends of Israel and Zion.
    • We cooperate with six Bible Institutes and/or seminaries, both “digital” and “in presence,” with professors from our own ministries and churches teaching Jewish Ministry and Bibliology.
    • I mentor 16 pastors and selected students.
    • see report of Harold Ralph and Lilian

PRAYER for the year 2024:

  1. Salvation of Jews and Gentiles.
  2. Ongoing Bible projects and study helps, digital and systems, and personnel.
  3. Church Ministry – Various new church projects with various groups of our churches cooperation.
  4. Jewish Ministry – Visit to Israel by Pastor Alexandre Dutra, Jan. 27-Feb. 15 with journalists, followed by visits to our personal contacts in Israel.
  5. Education Ministry – Theological and general education.
  6. Harold Ralph and Lilian – Additional supporters now.

Thanks again for having prayed in 2023 and for continued prayer in 2024.

Your for the Messiah,

Tom and Linda Gilmer

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