Becky Patterson and the Bethesda Homes – December 2023 Newsletter

Mrs. Becky Patterson – Missionary to Mexico
Bethesda Children’s Homes – Tlapa, Mexico

Dear Pastor and friends,

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from the staff and children of the Bethesda Children’s Home in Tlapa. These have been exciting days with a delightful staff Christmas party, class parties at the Christian school, and a highly anticipated Christmas party for all the children on December 13. They broke piñatas full of candy and received a nice gift of their choice. Many parents were present who heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Some of them prayed to received the Lord as their Savior.

The farm is fully-planted with squash plants, jicama, black beans, another type of beans special for green beans, radishes, hibiscus flowers for tea, watermelon, and cucumbers. Corn has been planted in three different plantings, so the kids can have fresh corn on the cob each month. As you probably remember, the farm is circled by fruit trees. The older children love working on the farm when they have time after school.

The palapa or open-air auditorium, at the farm is close to being finished. Last week the Aviles Family and I visited one of the neighbors close to the farm. They are looking forward to the inauguration of the palapa. As yet, we cannot set a date, but hopefully it will be soon! In Mexico we learn to be patient. God is good!

Our school library only needs chairs and curtains placed on the windows to officially open it for the use of the children. This should happen shortly after the new year. Bathrooms at the girls’ home are also being remodeled. We appreciate your continued prayers for provision to finish all these projects. Please pray for the $80,000 we need to finish several construction projects.

This month, I fly to Texas to spend time with my family, for the Abarim conference in January, and for some doctors’ appointments. Hopefully in January I will have the privilege to hold my first great grandchild. She is due toward the middle of the month. My family is so precious to me. Especially since losing my beloved Mike, family has become even more dear to me. God is so good to all of us. May we never take it for granted!

In Christ’s love,

Becky Patterson

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